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U.S. CPSC Recalls Deadly Banzai Falls Inflatable Water Slide: What Should You Do?

Water slides are part of summertime fun for many families. As the heat rises, water slides bring entertainment and provide a way to enjoy the warm outdoors. However, these slides can be deadly, as evidenced by the Manley Toys product.

Banzai Falls Water Slide Leads to Many Deaths

Some months ago, our product defect lawyers chronicled the case of a lawsuit against Toys ‘R Us, which sold a water slide involved in a deadly accident. The suit resulted in a verdict of over $20 million. The focal point of the case was the safety of the inflatable poolside Banzai Falls water slide.

The crux of the lawsuit was a 29-year-old mother’s fatal injury that occurred when the 6-foot Banzai Falls water slide she was on suddenly deflated. It caused her to injure her head and break her neck on the side of the pool.

We note that the manufacturer does not seem to have been cited for misleading advertising.

Cases that the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) used in its decision to recall about 21,000 inflatable in-ground Banzai water slides, include a woman from Allentown, PA who fractured her neck when a Banzai slide deflated suddenly, and a man from Springfield, MO who was rendered quadriplegic after a water slide unexpectedly deflated. The CPSC determined that the water slides were in fact defective and could deflate suddenly, causing severe falls and injuries to those using the slides. The agency found the inflatable water slides to be unstable products that could topple over in windy weather or even in still conditions.

What Happens Next?

Wal-Mart and Toys ‘R Us have both agreed to offer full refunds to customers who return the recalled water slides. Customers may bring the two original safety warning notices from the slide in for their refunds; they do not need to bring the entire 6-foot slide.

In case you have an inflatable water slide and are wondering whether yours is among the unsafe and defective recalled products, we note that the vinyl water slides subject to the recall have a blue base, a yellow sliding mat, and an arch that goes over the top of the slide. A hose can connect to the top of the slide to run water down the slide’s incline. A circular blue, white, and orange logo contains the words “Banzai Splash.” This is shaped like a wave and appears on both sides of the slide.

The recalled slides were manufactured by Manley Toys, Ltd, in China and sold at Wal-Mart stores and Toys ‘R Us stores from January 2005 through June 2009. Their cost stood at approximately $250. The barcode number is 2675315734 and the model number is 15734. Unfortunately, these numbers were on the original packaging of the water slides but don’t appear on the slides themselves.

A CPSC spokesman warns that the lack of prior problems with your slide does not mean that your Banzai slide is safe. It could collapse and deflate under you at any time. The CPSC urges owners of products affected by the recall to discontinue using the Banzai water slides immediately and turn them in for refunds.

Your safety and your children’s safety are at high risk from these defective water slides that pose dangers of sudden, unexpected deflation. Our Houston product defect lawyers caution you: don’t risk your future for a little fun in the sun. Decide not to slide.

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