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Posted on Aug 12, 2011

On August 3, 2011, a woman ran her SUV, her child, and an elderly in-law off the road in a road rage incident near Petronila, TX. Reports say that the incident followed a domestic dispute in which the a husband and wife each left their house. The wife took her baby and elderly aunt in her SUV. The angry wife pursued her husband’s vehicle and, fueled by road rage, attempted to cut him off at an intersection. Instead, she ran her own vehicle into a utility pole and then into a ditch, causing a rollover accident. (Rollovers frequently accompany SUV accidents due to the vehicles’ high centers of gravity and relatively poor stability.) The baby received head injuries from the road rage incident. The rollover trapped the aunt beneath the SUV. Emergency workers freed her using the Jaws of Life. Halo flight took her to the hospital for her injuries.

We Katy, TX car accident lawyers feel for the victims of this frightening road rage incident, particularly the innocent aunt and baby who were not part of the spousal disagreement. We can only imagine the terror of being trapped in a vehicle as a dangerous and angry pursuer attempts to run down another car. And we know that road rage incidents often injure, or even kill, the innocent. In this particular road rage incident, the victims well knew the road rager. But the victims of road rage incidents often do not know the road rager who callously claims their life or their health and well being. Some victims merely have the misfortune to be the car in front of a road rager as he (or she) gets fed up with one two many traffic snarls and loses his (or her) cool.

If you’re on the road with someone who appears to be experiencing road rage or who’s engaging in particularly aggressive driving, don’t challenge him (or her). Our Katy, TX car accident lawyers remind you that a challenge could mean your life. Take our tips on avoiding road rage to heart, and help preserve “cool” on our roadways. Houston experiences enough heat; we don’t need to bring road rage to a boil and add to that heat.

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