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Posted on Dec 14, 2012


Residents were enjoying an early Christmas celebration on Thursday when fire broke out at a five-story assisted living facility in north Houston on Fulton Street and Lyerly Street. The fire apparently broke out on the second floor and quickly went to two alarms, partly as a precaution regarding the nature of the facility.

Many residents were forced to evacuate when the premises caught fire. Some residents required rescue from upper floors by Houston firefighters using a ladder truck. At least one resident was hospitalized due to smoke inhalation injury, while other residents were treated at the scene of the two-alarm fire. Our Houston personal injury lawyers wish the injured residents a rapid and complete recovery.

Around 130 firefighters responded to the blaze. Stair chairs in the facility stairwell made their rescue work proceed more smoothly as they guided the elderly residents to safety. The strong firefighter response had the two-alarm blaze out relatively quickly. All but two residents, who’ve been relocated within the facility, were able to return to their apartments after the evacuation. No information was yet available regarding the cause of the two-alarm fire at the north Houston assisted living facility. (Source:, 12/13/12)

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Long Term Care Facilities are under a New Safety Mandate to install Supervised Fire Sprinkler Systems by August 2013


If you’re worried about the possibility of a fast spreading fire in a facility that houses one of your loved ones, take heart from a new federal safety requirement. Our Houston personal injury lawyers note that assisted living facilities and nursing homes are under a federal mandate to install supervised fire sprinkler systems by August 2013.

The additional fire warning and mitigation system will provide residents with an extra measure of safety that many facilities do not yet have. Fire sprinklers can retard the spread of flame and allow more time for staff to evacuate seniors with limited mobility.

The new fire sprinkler safety requirement was enacted by the CMS (Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services). The mandate requires periodic inspections, maintenance, and testing of the fire sprinkler systems to ensure compliance and continued safe operation of the systems.

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