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Posted on Aug 21, 2013

A 25-year-old construction worker died tragically Monday morning when the dirt surrounding the 7-foot deep trench he was in suddenly collapsed and buried him. 45 rescue personnel spent more than 3 hours working to recover the man from the unsecured trench.

The young man had been constructing a deck on a home on Leyton Lane in Severn in Anne Arundel County when the sudden trench collapse occurred. The construction worker died at the scene of the tragic accident. Maryland OSHA is investigating the trench collapse. (Sources: Associated Press and Ashley Williams,, 8/19/13)

The deepest sympathies of our trench collapse accident attorneys are with the family and friends of the fatally injured young worker.

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The Hazards from On-the-Job Injury Accidents in the Construction Industry

Construction is one of the top four occupations in the United States for a fatal on-the-job injury. Our trench collapse accident attorneys note that around 17% of all fatal workplace accidents in the U.S. each year occur in the construction industry. Falls, being struck by equipment or objects, and electrocution are the top three causes of fatal construction accidents. Click the link to read about some safety precautions that could help prevent serious accidents in the construction industry.

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