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Posted on Aug 30, 2013

Wednesday at the intersection of Bellaire Boulevard and Fondren Road in Houston, a hit and run driver T-boned a woman’s car and then attempted to flee. The woman had her two children in the back seat of the T-boned vehicle at the time of the crash.

Two heroic tow truck drivers who witnessed the crash followed the hit and run driver and helped the mother and her children at the accident scene. The woman and her two children were also hospitalized after the serious accident. One tow truck driver mentioned that the suspect ran the light.

The hit and run suspect exited his vehicle after being followed and ran away on foot, but was arrested on Moonmist Drive. The hit and run suspect was given oxygen at the scene before being hospitalized. Oddly, the suspect reportedly had a U.S. flag neatly folded in the back seat of his vehicle. (Source: Malini Basu,, 8/29/13)

The thoughts and prayers of the Houston car accident injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC are with the mother and her children, hoping for their rapid and complete recoveries from their injuries.

Necessary Steps to Take after a Houston Hit and Run Accident Injury

After a major wreck, you might worry about being able to cover your medical bills and other expenses from the accident. It may seem doubly difficult when it all happened through the negligence of another driver, and through no fault of your own. You could learn about some necessary steps to take to hold that negligent driver financially accountable for your injuries by reading our free e-books on what to do after a Houston accident and the important dos and don’ts of car accident claims.

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After a Houston hit and run accident, it could be critical that you take immediate action to retain an experienced Houston car accident injury attorney to help you safeguard your rights and secure necessary evidence against the Houston hit and run driver. In addition to the criminal charges pursued by prosecutors against the hit and run suspect, an injured victim or a deceased victim’s surviving family members could pursue monetary compensation from the hit and driver in a civil lawsuit. Monetary compensation could include medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, vehicle repair costs, and many other expenses. Learn more: contact our Houston car accident injury attorneys today for your free and informative legal consultation.

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