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Posted on Jun 05, 2012

Roller coaster injury lawyers report that Tokyo Disney, more formally known as Tokyo DisneySea, was the site of a serious accident in late May that sent a man to the hospital with severe leg injuries, among other harms. The man had tried to exit the Raging Spirits roller coaster just after it started moving because his shoulder harness wasn’t secured and he feared being thrown from the ride as it traveled.

Oriental Land Co., operator of Tokyo DisneySea, has blamed the roller coaster injury accident on an employee’s violation of an in-house procedural safety rule. The company said that the employee took a step not consistent with safety procedures when he tried to push down a safety harness bar on an empty seat on the Raging Spirits ride. His action apparently caused all of the shoulder harnesses on the ride to then unlock and release.

Most of the riders managed to pull their safety harnesses back down and secure them before the ride began to operate. But the injured man apparently did not take that step and later found the riding moving without anything to keep him secure in his roller coaster seat. The employee operating the ride had also failed to check that everyone’s shoulder harnesses were secured before sending the ride into motion.

Our roller coaster injury lawyers note that the operator of Tokyo DisneySea also admitted that it had failed to adequately train the ride operator concerning the mechanism of the roller coaster’s safety bar. Rarely do we see amusement parks so plainly admitting to error early on in ride injury cases.

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