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Posted on Aug 22, 2013

Saturday night around 10, a light truck on U.S. 75 blew the right rear tire by Exit 53 near Howe, Texas in Grayson County. The tire blowout caused a loss of driver control over the vehicle and it left the highway to roll over at least 5 times. Our Alvin, TX personal injury lawyers report that a backseat passenger was ejected during the rollover crash. All three occupants of the vehicle were hospitalized after the severe rollover crash. (Source: kten.com, 8/17/13)

The hearts and prayers of the Alvin, TX personal injury lawyers at Denena Points, PC are with the victims of the severe rollover, hoping for their swift and safe recoveries from their injuries.

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Know Your Risk for a Severe Rollover Crash

Tire defects and the resulting blowouts increase your risks for a dangerous rollover accident and possible vehicle ejection. Factors that could lead to a tire blowout and rollover include:

  • The heat of the Texas summer that increases tire stress and weakens a tire, causing hidden defects to result in tire blowouts or tread separations.
  • Higher speeds, like highway speeds, which cause heat to build up faster inside the tire.
  • The age of a tire. Tires age and weaken faster in hotter climates.
  • A high center of gravity in relation to a relatively narrow wheelbase in a vehicle, such as in a van, pickup truck, Jeep, or SUV.
  • Under-inflating tires or overloading a vehicle.

Our Alvin, TX personal injury lawyers note that rollover wrecks occur most often when a vehicle is taking a turn or a curve, and can lead to vehicle ejection. About 75% of victims ejected from a vehicle during a crash receive fatal injuries. Click the link to learn more about tire defects as a cause of tire blowout and dangerous rollover crashes, and how you could seek fair financial compensation from the manufacturer of a defective tire when you’ve been injured.

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