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Posted on Aug 13, 2013

On Monday just after noon, a red truck had a tire blowout, causing the truck to slam into a concrete barrier on the Eastex Freeway frontage road near Parker. The high speed impact trapped two people inside the truck. The Houston Chronicle (Dale Lezon, 8/12/13) reports that the truck had been hauling heavy equipment and supplies at the time of the fatal crash, including concrete, a tractor, and a generator. One person died at the scene of the tragic wreck. Another received rush transport to Memorial Hermann Hospital.

The Highway 59 accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC express their condolences to the family and friends of the deceased victim of the wreck, and we wish the injured victim a safe and complete recovery from the injuries sustained in the severe crash.

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Some Possible Causes of Tire Blowouts and Resulting Accidents

  1. Tire aging, wear, and excessive mileage. The Texas summer can cause tires to dry and crack. The month of August takes a particularly heavy toll on Texas tires. Check your tires for mileage, tread depth, wear, and drying or cracking.
  1. Inherent defects that occur in the tire manufacturing process: Making a tire is a surprisingly complex process. Many layers of differing composition (including rubber, metals, and polymers) get bonded together to ultimately create the tire that supports your vehicle on the road. A small contact patch on the tire is the only part of your vehicle that usually touches the roadway. Our Highway 59 accident attorneys emphasize that this tiny contact patch, which changes as the tire revolves, bears all the weight of your vehicle and all the stress of travel. A slight defect in the tire resulting from the manufacturing process could cause a sudden tire blowout or tread separation when tire wear brings the contact patch down to the defect. Tire blowouts generally result in loss of driver control over a vehicle and serious crashes.
  1. Bad road conditions.
  1. Improper repair of a flat tire.
  1. Improper inflation of a tire. Our Highway 59 accident attorneys note that either over-inflation or under-inflation could place additional stress on a tire and lead to a sudden tire blowout accident.

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