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Posted on Dec 16, 2011

The Houston car crash attorneys at Denena & Points were shocked and saddened to hear of a multi-vehicle crash in which two innocent men suffered fatal injuries and an intoxicated driver also injured two children. That intoxicated driver, Thomas Lester Harper, apparently did not care who he harmed nor how many, and was willing to kill for no apparent reason. Police have not determined if road rage was a factor in the incident.

Thomas Lester Harper, now facing murder and intoxication manslaughter chargers, first crashed an SUV into two cars in Arlington, TX on Wednesday. He sped away from that crash at a speed witnesses say was around 100 mph. Then he crashed into a stationary pickup truck, killing the driver of the pickup, Najee Nasir, 42.

Thomas Lester Harper’s crash with the pickup truck led to a further 8-vehicle pileup. Then when Clarence Robinson, 19, walked up to the driver’s side window of the SUV, Thomas Lester Harper fatally shot the man. Local witnesses said that Mr. Robinson lived nearby the crash and had not been in a vehicle.

Thomas Lester Harper, 27, had his twin toddlers, a boy and a girl, inside the SUV the whole time he was driving recklessly, intoxicated, and crashing into multiple vehicles. The two children both received minor injuries from the multiple crashes. Police believe drugs were a factor in the crimes.

Witnesses told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Thomas Lester Harper laughed as heavily armed police took him into custody. We hope that Thomas Lester Harper never leaves custody and never gets back out on the roads or into society again.

Our Houston car crash attorneys convey their deepest sympathies to the families of Najee Nasir and Clarence Robinson, innocent men who died needlessly because they encountered a killer. We also hope that the two toddlers find a better caretaker to watch over them for the future.

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