How do Texas cities rank nationally in terms of traffic problems? | DENENA | POINTS

Pearland, TX accident lawyers answer:

Texas A&M University just released its 2011 Urban Mobility Report regarding traffic congestion levels and trends on U.S. roads. Several major Texas cities hold top spots in the rankings for traffic congestion delays and lost productivity. That’s not an honor Texas can boast about.

Some Texas cities ranking in the top 10 most congested based on 2010 data include:
* Houston
* Dallas
* Corpus Christi
* McAllen

The Report and traffic congestion rankings go back to 1982. Austin and San Antonio have dropped quite a bit in the rankings, indicating that those Texas cities may have improved traffic flow conditions. Some past Texas recipients of top 10 rankings include:
* Laredo
* Beaumont
* El Paso
* Brownsville

Texas’ growing traffic problems from increased numbers of cars and traffic congestion cost Texans and Texas employers enormous amounts of time and money each year. As Pearland, TX accident lawyers, we’re more aware than most of the additional injuries, fatalities and traffic delays from vehicle accidents caused by drunk driving, distracted driving, fatigue, street racing, reckless driving and other avoidable causes in Texas. These accident consequences cost Texans and Texas cities untold millions of dollars each year.

Your chances of being injured in a vehicle accident remain greater in Texas than in almost any other state. When you’re injured in a Texas car accident, the costly consequences can bring you as much financial pain as physical and emotional pain. Medical bills pile up while you’re out of work. Disabilities from the vehicle accident may reduce your earnings prospects. Sometimes families lose their sole income earner to a deadly Texas vehicle wreck.

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