What do You do to Secure a Crane that's Collapsed atop a Skyscraper? | DENENA | POINTS

Since Superstorm Sandy swept in, New York City has been struggling with the dilemma of a collapsed tower crane dangling dangerously over midtown Manhattan. The crane is hanging over the side of a skyscraper under construction about 70 stories up from the ground. That collapsed crane may weigh close to 50 tons.

 Photos and video show the boom collapsing over the cab of the crane. Looking at the video of the event, it seems like a real miracle that the force of the boom’s collapse did not tear the boom from the cab and send it crashing to the ground below or into adjacent buildings.

 Witnesses say that winds caused the boom to swing perilously after its collapse. But cranes are usually prepared for impending storms by setting the boom to turn freely with the winds. If the boom had remained rigidly positioned in relation to the cab, the winds may well have wrenched the whole multi-ton structure from the growing skyscraper and sent part of the building down with it.

 The solution, now that the winds from the storm have died down sufficiently to allow crews to work safely at the summit of the skyscraper, is:

To secure the collapsed boom to the structure itself by strapping it down.
Then construction crews will need to build another tower crane atop the skyscraper that’s capable of lifting and moving the weight of the damaged crane so that it can be disassembled and sent safely back to the ground.

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