What questions do I need to ask after a Houston car crash injury? | DENENA | POINTS

Our Houston car crash injury lawyers realize that you probably already know to ask for the driver’s license, insurance, and contact information of the person who caused the wreck and your injury. But we know that any car crash injury can disorient you and leave you shaken and unsure about what to do. Even if you previously knew with complete clarity the necessary steps to take, an actual car accident might leave you wondering: what questions do I need to ask after a Houston car crash injury?

  • It’s important to know if the negligent driver that hit you or caused the crash was driving to or for work or in the course of his or her employment.
  • Did he or she own the car or truck that hit you, or did the employer own it? The Houston car crash injury lawyers at Denena Points, PC mention that this question could be very important in determining who pays for your injuries and the extent of the financial resources available to pay you.
  • What kind of accident was it? For example, in a rear end wreck, the driver who rear-ended you can almost never escape liability for the accident.
  • Did the accident occur in an active TxDOT construction zone? Drivers proven to have violated the new expansion to the Texas move over/slow down law relating to TxDOT workers in an active construction zone might be demonstrably negligent and have breached a legal duty of care as drivers. Our Houston car crash injury lawyers emphasize that this evidence could make it easier to demonstrate their financial liability for your accident injuries.

How do I find the right attorney to help me win my compensation claim?

You need to look for a personal injury attorney who is Board Certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in Personal Injury Law, such as Chad Points or Tony Denena. Board Certified attorneys must meet higher educational, professional, and experiential requirements as well as pass an in-depth written examination in their area of legal specialization.

Look at the attorney’s case results and client success stories. Does the lawyer have years of experience successfully resolving cases similar to yours? What does the attorney’s website have to say about different types of accidents, the contributing factors in causing them, and how to resolve them?

Be realistic. Don’t expect a website to give away any trade secrets. Every accident is individual and as unique as the people involved. A reputable attorney can’t tell you anything substantial about your financial recovery prospects until after an individual legal consultation.

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