What do you need to do if you suffer an airbag injury in Houston, TX? | DENENA | POINTS

Our Houston airbag injury lawyers recommend that, as with any injury, getting proper medical attention and treatment remains your first priority.

Then make sure that your vehicle and its defective airbag is sequestered and that nothing gets altered after your airbag injury. Don’t seek repairs on the vehicle or release it for salvage until after qualified experts on airbag design, function, and deployment have had a chance to make thorough inspections of the airbag to pinpoint the precise cause(s) of your airbag injury.

Seek out an experienced Houston airbag injury lawyer as soon as possible after the injury. Your lawyer could help you locate qualified experts on airbag mechanics as well as qualified medical experts to attest to the type and extent of your injuries from the airbag. Your Houston airbag injury lawyer would also be able to take the necessary steps to preserve the evidence from your vehicle and the defective airbag so that you could prove your valid airbag injury claim. An effective Houston injury lawyer will have the resources and experience you need to fight for your rights to just financial compensation for your injury.

More than a single factor might have contributed to causing your airbag injury. Design flaws, hidden manufacturing defects, assembly errors, or substandard materials are just some of the possible causes behind an airbag accident. There might be different types of liability for these multiple causes.

You will need a Houston injury lawyer that has experience with a wide array of personal injury cases to identify and pursue all the claims and financial compensation to which you’re entitled by your airbag injury. Don’t lose out on the compensation you deserve. After an airbag injury, you might have burns, broken bones, head trauma, and other injuries that require ongoing care and lead to hefty medical bills.

You would need to recover adequate compensation for your medical expenses, pain and suffering, lost wages, and any rehabilitation therapies you might need. Contact the dedicated Houston airbag injury lawyers at Denena & Points for a free legal consultation to discuss your case and possible claims you might have. We’ve been standing up for the rights of injured accident victims for more than 12 years and helping them win their valid claims against recalcitrant manufacturers and insurance companies. We could help you too.