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Our Port of Houston maritime accident attorneys present the following short list of the elements you have to prove to win your Jones Act negligence claim. Each element of proof might require qualified expert testimony on technical, safety, or medical matters. An experienced maritime injury attorney could help you locate the qualified expert witnesses you require to prove the following case elements:

  •  You were employed as a seaman on a vessel. Employment generally involves a test to determine how much of your time was actually spent on the vessel rather than on land.
  • That vessel was in service on navigable waters.
  • You were injured while employed on that vessel.
  • Your injury occurred within the scope of your employment. Click on this article to read the outcome of an important case contesting the meaning of “scope of employment.” This case could affect your case outcome.
  • The vessel owner or your employer was negligent in regards to your safety, and/or the vessel was unseaworthy. Unseaworthy means that the vessel presented you with unsafe working conditions.

Our Library contains articles you can read for free to learn about the definitions of “navigable waters,” “unseaworthy,” and scope of employment. Read the free information on our website and educate yourself about issues that could be critical to your maritime injury claim.

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