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Our Houston product defect lawyers have written previously about the hidden dangers of the large amounts of caffeine in energy drinks like Monster and the 5-Hour Energy shots. Both of those products were the subjects of recall warnings earlier this year after they were linked to several deaths and emergency room visits. In many cases, the deaths and emergency room visits related to cardiac problems said to be induced by too much caffeine.

 A recent headline out of New Zealand gave the results of an examination into the cause of death for 31-year-old Natasha Harris. She was estimated to drink between 1.6 and 2.6 gallons of Coca-Cola per day. An acquaintance reported that if she did not get her desired amount of cola, she would suffer the shakes and fits of irritability.

 The intake of about 2 gallons, on average, of a substance that contains fairly large amounts of caffeine will disturb your metabolic processes and limit the body’s ability to absorb and use the nutrients it actually needs. Coroners said that this amount of daily cola intake could prove fatal over time. But our Houston product defect lawyers point out that the intake of just about any substance, in excess, is dangerous to the health. People have, for instance, been known to die from drinking too much water in a single day.

 And we note that Natasha Harris was already the mother of 8 children, reportedly smoked about 30 cigarettes per day, and had an enlarged liver said to be from excessive sugar consumption. So she possibly did many things to excess.

 Excess is Dangerous and Potentially Deadly

 Energy drinks do contain enormous amounts of caffeine per ounce, more than is necessarily safe. And caffeine is a stimulant intended to speed things up in your body. In vast quantities, it causes the heart to race. It could be wise for your health to avoid energy drinks and limit your daily intake of caffeine. Click here to read about the recall of Monster energy products.

 Call our Houston Product Defect Lawyers to Report Heart Arrhythmia or Cardiac Arrest from Energy Drinks

 If you’ve been injured by a food or drink product, it is vital to report your injury at once. The U.S. FDA (Food and Drug Administration) takes the reports of such injuries seriously. When several reports of serious injury come in that all point to the same product, the FDA could open an investigation and initiate a critical recall that might save lives.

 At Denena & Points, our Houston product defect lawyers are very concerned about products that might cause serious or fatal injury. Our goal is to help injured victims of dangerous products achieve justice and fair financial recoveries. To that end, we ask those who’ve suffered heart arrhythmia or cardiac problems from energy drinks to contact us with information. You can call us direct at 281-369-4363 or simply fill out our “Get Help Now” contact form online.