My kid wants a car. What is the legal driving age here in Texas? | DENENA | POINTS

Pearland car accident lawyers respond that under Texas law, teens can apply for their temporary licenses when they reach the age of 16. But under some circumstances, teens as young as 14 may drive under a Texas state-approved, parent taught, drivers’ education program.

 Children under the age of 14 are considered too young to drive. Our Pearland car accident lawyers realize that children under 14 generally don’t have the experience, height, or strength to control a car yet. And parents should not allow or encourage their children to drive if they are under the legal driving age. Deadly accidents could be the result.

 For instance, on Wednesday in Jacinto City, Texas, instead of taking the wheel herself, a mother of 6 asked her 11-year-old daughter to pull the family’s SUV up further into a driveway. The mother was in front of the vehicle to indicate when to stop. But the 11-year-old, hardly an experienced driver, accidentally stepped on the accelerator instead and ran over her mother, resulting in fatal injuries.

 The family’s other children reportedly were in the SUV at the time. So because of a mother’s failure to observe the legal driving age, a family of children is tragically left without their mother, and a young girl has to try to live with the results of the traumatic event.

 It might seem harmless enough to let a young child take the wheel when you are there to supervise. Our Pearland car accident lawyers caution that poorly driven, passenger vehicles can be deadly weapons and an out-of-control vehicle can cause a deadly accident in the blink of an eye. So observe the legal driving age. And ensure that when your child begins to drive, he or she receives good drivers’ education and adequate supervision to become a safe and experienced driver.

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