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Katy, TX Board Certified personal injury law firm: Katy, TX product defect lawyers

A Texas Board Certification tells you that your attorneys have specialized knowledge and experience in the area of law where you need help. Tony Denena and Chad Points, of Denena & Points, proudly number themselves among those select few Texas attorneys who’ve been Texas Board Certified in their area of legal practice. To receive their Board Certifications in Personal Injury Law, Chad and Tony had to prove to a peer review committee of judges and lawyers that:

* They meet rigorous standards and requirements in their specialized area of law;

* They’ve been licensed to practice law for at least 5 years;

* They’re experienced trial attorneys;

* They passed a 6-hour written exam in their legal practice area;

* They attend regular Continuing Legal Education (CLE) seminars to keep up with legal developments that might affect your case (Board Certified attorneys must undergo much more CLE than other attorneys to keep their Board Certifications);

* They demonstrate solid experience and involvement in their field of specialization by successfully handling a wide array of matters in that field; &

* They’ve demonstrated the highest level of public commitment to excellence in their specialized field of Personal Injury Law.

Because they’re Texas Board Certified in Personal Injury Law, Tony and Chad can offer you higher levels of service, experience and education than non-Certified lawyers. Their Texas Board Certifications give them advantages both at trial and in pre-trial negotiations over less experienced lawyers.

Less than 1 in 10 of Texas’ roughly 80,000 attorneys possess a Texas Board Certification. These 7,000 or so Board Certified attorneys fall into 21 different Certification practice areas. So the number of Board Certified lawyers you’ll find in any given area of legal practice remains fairly small.

Don’t sell your case short. When you need solid experience, ability and knowledge on your side, turn to Denena & Points, your Texas Board Certified Personal Injury law firm of choice. Give yourself an edge when you make your legal claim.