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The building collapse injury lawyers at Denena & Points know from their experience representing clients injured by such collapses that most structural failures have more than one cause. Human error, connection failure, and flawed materials often combine to bring a structure tumbling down on top of workers or building occupants.

  •  Connection failure is one of the first things investigators almost always look at. This likely will be one of the first potential causes examined in the Miami-Dade college parking garage collapse. The way that the floors all came down on one side while remaining attached on the other strongly indicates connection failure, perhaps a failure to adequately connect the component members during construction and on completion of a floor.
  • Construction error, such as failing to properly shore up structural components during the building assembly or construction phase, failure to properly weld or bolt structural members to each other. This is one thing investigators are scrutinizing in the Miami-Dade college parking garage collapse due to the way the floor slabs appeared to have all come pancaking down on one side while remaining attached to a wall on the other side.
  • Design flaws.
  • Manufacturing flaws or defects in components or materials used to build a structure.
  • Errors in the building permitting or inspection processes.
  • Failure to adequately supervise and manage the construction process.
  • Poor structural maintenance.

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