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The natural tendency of anyone involved in an accident is probably to go ahead and make a statement telling your story: your side of what happened. But you might want to hold your tongue instead. You have probably seen at some point in life how anything a person says can be taken out of context, twisted, and used against them. Your statement could be solid ammunition for dedicated gossips or, in the event of a maritime accident, you employer’s defense attorneys.

 So we generally suggest that injured seamen do not make any statements about their accident or how it occurred without their own Houston Jones Act attorney present. The pressure on you may be strong. But just resist.

 Your employer’s defense attorneys will want to ask you about the following issues, among others, and they will greatly prefer it if you did not have the foresight to hire your own Houston Jones Act attorney to protect you:

  •  Who and what caused the accident.
  • Anything you might have done to contribute to the accident.
  • Your past medical history.
  • Your medical treatment since the accident.
  • Your educational, training, and work history.
  • Your previous jobs.
  • The jobs of which you are capable since your injury.

You need an adept, knowledgeable, and dedicated Houston Jones Act attorney in order to address these questions without making any mistakes that could cost you substantial amounts from the total of the injury compensation you’re given.

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