If I'm partly at fault for the truck wreck that injured me, do I lose? | DENENA | POINTS

That depends. Our Texas City personal injury attorney emphasize that in a Texas truck accident injury claim, you can be up to 49% at fault for causing the truck wreck that injured you and still collect financial compensation for your injuries. But if you’re 50% or more at fault for causing the truck wreck and your injuries, then you shoulder the blame and no one else that contributed to the accident has to pay you anything.

 Even if you think it’s clear that you were only a little to blame for the truck accident, or not at fault at all, you can be sure that the defendant to your claim and his or her insurers will be trying to find ways to put the blame for the accident on you. So that they don’t have to pay for your injuries from the truck wreck.

 You might think that you could safely give statements to the opposing parties or insurance adjusters because you’re not at fault. But that’s not necessarily true. Anything you say about the Texas truck accident could be used against you. And if you’ve ever fallen victim to gossip or rumor, you probably know that practically any statement can be twisted to mean something entirely different from its original intent.

 So don’t speak to insurance adjusters or opposing parties about your Texas truck accident. Hire an experienced Texas City personal injury attorney and let your lawyer handle the contacts for you.

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