I'm a Coastal Bend biker, and I need to know: What are the Texas motorcycle helmet laws ? | DENENA | POINTS

If you are under the age of 21, Texas motorcycle helmet laws require you to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle.

Texas motorcycle helmet laws do not require you to wear a helmet IF:

1. You are age 21 or over, AND
2. You can show proof of current medical health insurance coverage, or
3. You can show proof of completion of a motorcycle operation and safety course.

If you’re 21 or older and riding without a helmet, the police can’t legally stop you just to inquire whether you satisfy either of the above conditions. But if they stop you for any other reason, they can look into your satisfaction of these conditions as a secondary matter. As you’re probably aware, there exist many valid reasons for stopping drivers of vehicles.

You are driving just a few mph over the speed limit.
You failed to signal a turn.
Something looks not quite right with your vehicle inspection or registration.
Even though the Texas motorcycle helmet laws might not require you to wear a helmet, you would be wise to wear one anyway. A motorcycle helmet greatly reduces your chances of severe head injury or death from a bike wreck.

As Coastal Bend motorcycle accident lawyers, we’ve handled many cases on behalf of injured bikers and the relatives of bikers killed by their wrecks. Many of the bikers did not have on helmets at the time of their motorcycle accidents. Riding without a helmet will not necessarily prevent you from obtaining fair compensation in the event of a bike wreck. You would just need a Coastal Bend motorcycle accident lawyer experienced in representing bikers and their surviving family members in bike wreck claims.

Tony Denena and Chad Points have been serving the community of bikers for more than a decade. We have hands on practical experience and in-depth knowledge with the complexities of motorcycle accident claims. We know that the average biker and the grieving relatives of motorcyclists who died in fatal wrecks face uphill battles to collect the financial compensation they deserve after their devastating accident losses.

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