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Two classic New Orleans-style houses, shotgun doubles, collapsed on Wednesday morning just after 11 a.m., injuring 4 workers. The two houses in the Treme neighborhood of New Orleans had been vacant since Hurricane Katrina, and had probably been badly weakened by the storm.

Our building collapse injury attorneys mention that the two houses on Governor Nicholls Street were undergoing some rehab work. Providence Community Housing, which had intended to rehabilitate the classic homes into low-income housing, had taken the two houses in Treme as part of a lot of 33 historic houses that the organization intended to move off of the future site of the Veterans Affairs medical complex and onto other lots in the city. But the homes, already damaged by Katrina, were suffering from being exposed to the elements for months at a time, and around 33% of them were completely useless and had to be scrapped.

Workmen were trying to raise one of the damaged houses when the two homes fell. Four workmen were injured in the sudden collapse of the two houses in Treme. They received transport to the hospital for injuries that included broken bones. (Source: the Times-Picayune,, 4/10/13)

The thoughts and prayers of our building collapse injury attorneys are with the four injured workmen at this time.

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