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What is the Houston Cocktail and Why should You be Worried?

The “Houston Cocktail” or the “holy trinity” of illegal prescription drug mixes consists of Hydrocodone, Xanax, and Soma. Mixed together, these drugs can give users a heroin-like high that can cause drivers to take reckless chances, make ridiculous decisions behind the wheel, and cause fatal crashes. Our Harris County personal injury lawyers emphasize that Houston is the hub of a growing distribution network for the Houston Cocktail.

Your Safety is Increasingly at Risk on Houston and Harris County Roads

On Houston “no refusal” weekends, blood draws of drivers suspected of being impaired might show that more than 60% of them have drugs in their systems as well as alcohol. And “poly-drugging,” combining more than one drug into a cocktail of illegal and/or prescription drugs, is becoming increasingly common among drivers. Sometimes the drugs are used to mask the presence of alcohol and confuse test results should the drivers get pulled over for suspected DUI.

Cypress Man in Custody had Drug Cocktail in his System at the Time of Catastrophic Injury Accident

Let’s look at an example of what can happen when drivers take multiple drugs then take to he roads: 27-year-old Matthew Glen Scott of Cypress, Texas was found to have a cocktail of 6 prescription drugs in his system at the time of an August wreck that disabled a woman and hospitalized her daughter. Our Harris County personal injury lawyers remark that the drugs included Hydrocodone and Hydromorphone.

Scott swerved from his lane on Spring Cypress and struck a Ford containing a woman with her daughter. The woman and her daughter, who was riding in the back seat, were hospitalized. The woman was still hospitalized at the end of October. She had a broken vertebra, ribs, pelvis, wrist, right leg, foot, and hip.


By the end of October, the woman had already undergone 13 surgeries because of the wreck. She had to have her hip replaced and her back in a brace. If you drive in southeast Texas, you might be relived to know that Matthew Glen Scott remains off the streets in jail without bail. Our Harris County personal injury lawyers note that Scott has been charged with intoxication assault. (Source: Erin Mulvaney, Houston Chronicle, 1/3/13)

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