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Unusual Christmas Eve and Christmas Day storms ripped through parts of Texas, bringing snow, ice, high winds, and deadly threats. In our area, the storms were blamed for three deaths, including one where a tree fell on a man clearing his driveway of snow.


In Dallas, emergency dispatchers had fielded hundreds of calls regarding traffic accidents. Insurance companies were handling an unusually large volume of calls regarding accident damage as early as Christmas Eve. Our Houston car accident lawyers note that Christmas Eve regularly sees a major number of accidents due to so many holiday revelers on the roads, many of whom have had their share of holiday cheer before getting behind the wheel.

North Texas counties saw two or more inches of snow that was expected to turn to ice by Wednesday morning with nighttime temperatures potentially dipping into the teens. TxDOT crews has coated area bridges, sharp turns, dangerous areas close to water, right lanes, and on and off ramps with material to prevent the roads from freezing. But by Christmas night, congestion from hundred of accidents had led to the shutdown of many exit and entrance ramps, stretches of roadway, and the busy High Five hub on Central Expressway.

Frustrated travelers at Dallas area airports were stranded on the tarmac or in the terminal due to the delay and cancellation of hundreds of flights after the unusual white Christmas dumped snow across Texas. (Source: Gloria Hernandez,, 12/25/12)

Winter Weather Wonderland, especially Wind, can lead to Serious and Fatal Accidents

Study results released by the U.S. DOT’s Intelligence Transportation System division showed that in a ten-year period, an average of 56% of motor vehicle accidents occurred during the winter months. Of these accidents, 38% of them were caused by winter weather conditions. Our Houston car accident lawyers point out that wind, including tornado conditions, account for the vast majority of weather-related fatalities.

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