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Our Galveston motorcycle injury attorneys pass along news of a heroic Texas motorcyclist who helped police apprehend a drunk driver that mowed down a group of pedestrians. Sisto Perez, a true and honorable Texan, witnessed 22-year-old Nicholas Colunga run a red light and plow through a group of pedestrians in his Chevy Impala early Friday morning in downtown Austin, TX.

The crash sent a 22-year-old University of Texas soccer player, Kylie Doniak, to the hospital in critical condition. The man and woman with Kylie Doniak at the time of the hit-and-run were treated for non-life threatening injuries. Nicholas Colunga did not stop to render aid.

Colunga drove away in his Chevy Impala, crashing into other vehicles and objects along the way. Mr. Perez gave chase on his motorcycle, following the fleeing Chevy Impala in part by listening for the impact sounds as Nicholas Colunga hit mailboxes and vehicles in his flight. Finally the Chevy Impala crashed into a median and came to a stop. Mr. Perez saw Colunga exiting his vehicle in what appeared to be a highly intoxicated state. Mr. Perez immobilized the drunk driver and kept him in place until police could arrive to make an arrest and take custody of Colunga.

Police arrested Nicholas Colunga and charged him with intoxicated assault and failure to stop and render aid. Mr. Perez is no stranger to heroism. Just 9 months beforehand, he had chased down another hit-and-run driver that hit a pedestrian and fled the scene of the crime. In that incident, Mr. Perez was able to reach the driver and obtain the car keys, immobilizing the vehicle until police could arrive.

The Galveston motorcycle injury attorneys at Denena & Points honor true Texan hero Sisto Perez for his courage, concern, and decisive action. Our hearts and payers go out to Kylie Doniak and the other two pedestrians injured by the heedless hit-and-run driver. Thanks to the actions of Mr. Sisto Perez, they might obtain some justice and relief because police were able to apprehend the wrongdoer.

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