My Galveston beach house's deck collapsed. What's the likely cause? | DENENA | POINTS

After a deck collapse, especially if there’s been an injury, you should have an experienced deck collapse lawyer for Galveston conduct an inspection with a qualified structural expert. Without investigating the specific deck collapse, the cause is just speculation.

 In the largest proportion of deck collapses, the cause is usually improper connectors between the deck and the house. Sometimes a beach house design will not specify the type of connector the builder should use to connect the deck to the main structure. And the builder might try to cut costs and cut corners by using nails instead of lag bolts or lag screws as connectors. A deck should NEVER be connected to the house by nails. Deck collapse lawyers for Galveston know all too well that the result could be a sudden, deadly, deck collapse.

 Connectors should be properly spaced and their size and type calculated to hold the loads likely to be placed on the structure by large gatherings. Stainless steel, zinc-coated galvanized steel, silicon-coated metals comprise some of the corrosion-resistant metals used for connecting hardware.

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 To win fair financial compensation for your needless injuries after a deck collapse, you’ll need to be able to adequately prove the cause of the collapse. Proving shoddy construction, poor materials, or inadequate maintenance requires complex, technical evidence. You might need qualified experts that know building codes, materials composition, engineering stress calculations, or injuries and medical treatments to testify to the truth of the matter on your behalf.

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