What are the drunk driver's penalties in a Galveston, TX felony DWI ? | DENENA | POINTS

Felony DWI charges can result where the drunk driver has had at least 2 prior DWI convictions and/or his Galveston, TX felony DWI accident caused serious bodily harm (or “intoxication assault”) or death (or “intoxication manslaughter”).

If the drunk driver has had at least 3 prior DWI convictions, the felony DWI becomes a 3rd degree felony charge. This means that the convicted drunk driver’s penalties could include the following.

A fine of up to $10,000.
A jail sentence of at least 2 years and up to 10 years.
A fatal injury to a victim, intoxication manslaughter, moves the Galveston, TX felony DWI offense up to a 2nd degree felony. This means that the jail term could increase to up to 20 years. But the offender remains eligible for probation upon serving 120 days in jail as a condition of that probation. The judge could also grant a sentence of community service.

If the defendant killed your loved one, or grievously injured or disabled your family member in a DWI accident, penalties of probation or community service must seem insultingly light. After he’s taken a life (or more than one life), such light punishments hardly seem fitting.

But if the drunk driver receives a conviction for ether intoxication assault or intoxication manslaughter along with a “deadly weapon” finding for driving a vehicle in a deadly manner, he becomes ineligible for probation. And he can’t receive a grant of parole until he’s served at least half of his prison sentence.

Such paltry criminal penalties still seem unjustifiably light after you’ve lost a loved one to the defendant’s drunk driving habit. Your best alternative for holding the drunk driver accountable for his actions is to contact a Galveston injury accident lawyer.

An experienced Galveston injury accident lawyer could help you build a compelling civil claim to hold the defendant financially accountable for his actions. Most people would rather give up their freedom than their financial resources. So hit the drunk driver where it really hurts. Take him to court with a civil claim for full accident compensation. We could help you win that wrongful death or survival claim. Call today for a free consultation.