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Let’s begin by saying that originally, compounding pharmacies were intended to simply fill orders for individual physicians that were prescribed for individual patients. Sometimes a patient might be allergic to an ingredient in a widely available medication and need a drug specially mixed without that ingredient. Other patients might need smaller or larger doses for a medicine to be effective. A child might need a flavoring mixed in. Our Pearland, TX drug recall lawyers emphasize that those were the problems compounding pharmacies were originally intended to solve.

 But in recent years, with drug shortages due to some recalls and also to the public’s burgeoning call for drugs since drug advertising became commonplace, some compounding pharmacies have taken to mixing drugs in bulk, mass market quantities and sending them out to hospitals and medical facilities all over the nation. In other words, their compounded drugs are no longer mixed for individual patients on individual physicians’ orders. The great demand, as you might expect, has been for pain medications. These are often injectable drugs.

 Our Pearland, TX drug recall lawyers note that some compounding pharmacies still fulfill the traditional role of compounding pharmacists and do not mix or sell in bulk.

 The bulk compounding pharmacies sometimes sell “sterile” drugs. These are usually injectable drugs that need to be absolutely sterile for patient safety. But as last year’s outbreak of deadly fungal meningitis, linked to contaminated “sterile” injectable drugs from the New England Compounding Center, reveals, these bulk quantities of “sterile” drugs might not be sterile at all.

 Main Street Family Pharmacy of Tennessee also recently recalled its “sterile” injectables because they were found to be NOT sterile. Our Pearland, TX drug recall lawyers point out that no one has died from their contaminated drugs, but some patients have developed disturbing skin abscesses from infection at the injection sites.

 These compounding pharmacies simply don’t have the facilities, equipment, safe procedures, or personnel to ensure true sterility for products they manufacture in bulk. Each lot of a drug, especially a “sterile,” injectable drug, which could seriously harm or kill patients if contaminants get into their bloodstreams, should be carefully tested for sterility BEFORE being shipped to buyers. But these bulk manufacture compounding pharmacies don’t have the capacity to do this.

 So contaminated drugs sometimes get to medical facilities and injected into patients before anyone is aware that they contain contaminants. Our Pearland, TX drug recall lawyers emphasize that by the time the contamination is detected, it is often too late. Such was the case with the bulk manufactured injectable pain medications shipped from the New England Compounding Center and the Main Street Family Pharmacy.

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