How can good structural engineering prevent U.S. building collapses? | DENENA | POINTS


A structural engineer relies on a building’s developer and architect to impart clear information on the intended use of the building and the loads it will need to carry. The architect’s drawings should clearly mark what each area of the building will be used for and what loads they might need to support.

 The structural engineer also needs solid information on any conditions at the building site that might affect how the building will stand up under use. For instance, wind forces, climate conditions, soil and ground conditions, seismic data, and other data from the environment where the building will stand could all be vital in determining the proper materials to use in construction.

 The engineer uses all of this data to produce a set of structural specification layout drawings indicating the type, size, amount, and strength of materials to be used. An important facet of this task is adequately indicating the size and materials grade of things like steel, timber, and concrete structural members that will support the building’s load.

 Good structural engineering means that a building’s supporting members will not be overstressed and then collapse under intended uses of the building. Solid foundations will prevent structural failure from one section settling or giving way and bringing an entire building down. When contractors use inferior materials to those specified by the structural engineer, they could threaten the structural integrity of an entire building and all its occupants.

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