Danger in the Park: Your Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe on a Roller Coaster

Amusement Park Roller Coaster Injury Report

Never in your wildest dreams did you imagine that a day at the amusement park or carnival could turn into a nightmare.

We plan vacations around them. Our children anticipate going to them and can talk about nothing else. But what happens when a trip to the amusement park or carnival goes wrong? Who is responsible for the injuries sustained on those rides?

Theme parks, traveling carnivals, large rodeos and stock shows, amusement parks, roadside carnivals, and state fairs are among the many types of attractions that lure visitors with the promising of thrilling and unusual ride experiences.

Considering the many millions of guests who attend amusement venues each year and ride several rides each visit, your chances of suffering an injury or fatality on an amusement park ride remain extremely low. Statistically, you’re more likely to be injured or killed in a car accident on your way to or from the amusement ride destination.

Yet, injuries do occur on amusement park rides and when they do, the outcome is usually tragic.

If you or a family member has been hurt on an amusement park ride, you need to read our report, Danger in the Park: Your Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe on a Roller Coaster.

Our law firm has represented individuals and their families affected by amusement park accidents. We therefore know the questions that are on your mind and the information you want to learn. That is why we have written this informative report.

Danger in the Park: Your Guide to Keeping Your Kids Safe on a Roller Coaster explains:

  • The common causes of roller coaster accidents
  • Inconsistent safety and inspection standards governing amusement rides
  • The repercussions of amusement park injuries
  • Compensation that may be available
  • And more

This book is absolutely FREE. We want everyone to be as informed as possible and armed with the secrets to having the safest theme park experience possible.

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