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Thursday night, guests on the deck of Shuckers Bar & Grill in North Bay Village, Miami, had just jumped up to cheer on the Miami Heat against the San Antonio Spurs  when people heard a load “crack,” the deck folded in a “V” in the center, and promptly dropped the estimated 100 patrons into the waters of Biscayne Bay several feet below.

Our deck collapse injury lawyers relate that witnesses said that although the waters of Biscayne Bay were shallow, it was difficult to get out due to the tangle of concrete, metal, wood, plastic deck chairs, tables, umbrellas, plates, purses, and people that had been dumped so unceremoniously into the water by the collapsed deck.

Witnesses reported people standing stock-still in shock in the water, others crying and screaming, a woman with a large gash in her head holding a baby in her arms, and a young woman who had lost her lower teeth to the sudden fall.

Shuckers Bar & Grill reportedly lost power when the deck collapsed, plunging everyone into darkness as well as into the Bay. One can well imagine their shock. Patrons, bartenders, and bystanders tried to rescue people as first responders poured into e watery rescue scene. Our deck collapse injury lawyers note that helicopters shined their spotlights from aloft to help rescuers find victims in the shallow waters of Biscayne Bay that were so obscured by the tangle of deck debris and furnishings.

Initial reports indicated that one person might be missing. But authorities now say that everyone was accounted for. At least 33 people were injured in Shuckers deck collapse with reports saying that 2 or 3 people had been critically injured. 24 people were reportedly hospitalized, and it least one had a fracture.

Investigations into the cause of Shuckers deck collapse have begun. And a structural engineer called to examine the debris says it appears that a support at one end failed for as yet unknown reasons. Our deck collapse injury lawyers point out that the support pillar’s failure led the deck to buckle and give way in the center and collapse, dumping the 100 or so patrons 8 feet into Biscayne Bay below. (Sources: Charles Rabin, Fernando Peinado, Hannah Sampson, and Luisa Yanez, Miami Herald; and Andrew Spencer,, 6/14/13)

The thoughts and prayers of the deck collapse injury lawyers at Denena Points, PC are with all of the injured victims and their families as they struggle to recover from the traumatic event.

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