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Texas truck accident attorneys note a tragic and deadly 18-wheeler wreck this past week. A couple driving a tractor-trailer last Tuesday failed to stop or brake as they approached an intersection on East Highway 85. They were between Dilley and Charlotte when they went through the intersection without stopping and collided heavily with another 8-wheeler. The couple’s own rig burst into flames upon impact. The collision trapped them in the cab of the 18-wheeler as the rig burned.

The initial collision forced the 18-wheeler they hit into a third 18-wheeler ahead of it. The drivers of both of those 18-wheelers received airlift transport to local hospitals with injuries said to be non-life threatening. The couple driving the 18-wheeler that caused the chain reaction wreck was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident by authorities.

The tragic death of the couple in their 18-wheeler clearly reveals the dangers of failing to regard stop signs and lights on fast-moving Texas highways. A DPS trooper that worked the scene of their accident stated that he DPS had worked many accidents at the intersection that claimed the couple’s lives. The trooper said that “people aren’t stopping at stop signs.”

The Texas truck accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC are deeply saddened to learn of these two tragic fatalities at another dangerous Texas intersection. We feel for the family and friends mourning their loss and for the other two truck drivers who suffered injuries in that tragic chain reaction wreck.

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