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A family of 4 from Cleveland, Texas met a tragic end this weekend on Texas 105 near Conroe. Nathan and Jennifer Clouse and their young children Bailey and Jordan were headed west in rainy weather on Texas 105 when a Dodge Ram, headed east, veered into their lane and crashed head-on into their Volkswagen Jetta just before 6 a.m.

All four members of the Clouse family died at the scene of the catastrophic wrong-way wreck. And all four of them were wearing their seatbelts at the time of the head-on crash. Montgomery County Assistant District Attorney Warren Diepraam said that the crash scene was one of the worst he’d ever seen. The Dodge Ram’s engine was thrown out of the chassis of the truck. Our Montgomery County wrongful death attorneys note this as a possible indicator of a very high-speed crash. The crash was described by an official as one of the worst ever in the area.

Kevin Golden of New Caney, Texas was behind the wheel of the Dodge Ram and was hospitalized for injuries received in the crash. Alcohol has already been ruled out as a factor in the catastrophic wrong-way wreck, but the investigation is ongoing. (Source: Jayme Fraser, Houston Chronicle, 3/23/13)

The Montgomery County wrongful death attorneys at Denena Points, PC express their condolences to the relatives and friends of the Clouse family.

Seeking Witnesses to the Weekend’s Catastrophic Wrong-Way Wreck near Conroe

Accident investigators believe that other witnesses might have struck the pickup truck’s engine in the roadway and/or witnessed the devastating crash. Officials are asking witnesses to contact Texas DPS Dispatch at 281-517-1300 or the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office at 936-539-7800. You could also contact our Montgomery County wrongful death attorneys at 281-369-4363 or through our online contact form, and we could make sure that your important information gets to the right place.

Wrong-Way Wrecks have a much Higher Fatality Rate than Most Other Types of Crashes


The high speeds and direct impact forces from the average wrong-way wreck mean that these crashes take a higher toll on accident victims than many other types of collisions. Various state and federal studies focusing on the problem of head-on, wrong-way crashes have found that the fatality rate is at least 12 times higher than for other accidents. And may be as much as 27% times higher.

Alcohol-impaired drivers cause about 60% of these devastating crashes, though that is apparently not the case with this horrific Conroe, Texas wrong-way wreck. To learn more about the serious injuries and high fatality rates from wrong-way crashes, as well as their causes, click on this articleby our Montgomery County wrongful death attorneys.

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