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2 workers were in a lift working on the side of a Union Pacific railroad bridge near I-37 in Live Oak County, Texas when the lift apparently fell, sending the men plummeting 30 feet to the ground. One worker died at the scene of the tragic fatal fall. The other man was transported to a hospital with serious injuries from the 3-story fall on Wednesday afternoon. Authorities did not provide names or further details regarding the tragic fatal fall at the Union Pacific railroad bridge. (Source: Associated Press by way of KTRK 9/5/13)

The thoughts and prayers of the Texas work accident attorneys at Denena Points, PC are with the family and friends of the deceased worker, and with the injured worker as he recovers from the fall.

Falls are one of the Fatal Four Causes of Construction Worker Deaths

Our Texas work accident attorneys emphasize that falls are one of the four leading causes of death among construction workers and workers performing similar work. So in its efforts to reduce fatal on-the-job accidents among American workers, U.S. OSHA has investigated countless fatal work accidents involving falls and has promulgated a large body of rules governing the safety of workers who work at heights and are in danger of falling. Click the link to learn about OSHA worker safety rules designed to limit the danger of fatal falls at work.

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