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Saturday afternoon just after 2: 30, Pampa, Texas and Gray County emergency rescue crews responded to the scene of a building collapse at FM 2300 and Highway 60. The structures at the site of the former Celanese Plant were in the process of being dismantled by workers when the building partially collapsed.

Two workers fell from a height of about 40 feet during the sudden building collapse. One worker received transport to the regional medical center with serious injuries. The other worker, 44-year-old Jesus J. Ramirez-Chavez of Pampa, was trapped in debris and died at the scene of the tragic collapse.

The site was dangerous to rescuers also, as building debris over a conveyor chute attached to the structure created safety hazards for the emergency crews trying to reach the trapped workers. (Source: Emily Griffin,, 2/9/13)

The building collapse attorneys at Denena Points, PC convey their sincere sympathies to the grieving family and friends of Mr. Ramirez-Chavez. We also wish the injured worker a complete recovery from the injuries he sustained in the fall.

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Weakened Connectors, Inadequate Bracing, Rot, and Other Factors could cause Building Collapses

Weakened connections between structural members are frequently the cause of sudden structural collapses. But wood rot, inadequate bracing, poor construction, or changes to the structure over time are also to blame for many structural collapses.

Construction and de-construction of buildings remain extremely dangerous occupations. Sadly, our building collapse attorneys note that almost 20% of all fatal work injuries occur in the construction industry. Click here to read about another deadly building collapse that occurred while an old warehouse was being dismantled.

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