Will OSHA help me win my work injury compensation claim? | DENENA | POINTS

No. The Texas City on the job injury attorneys at Denena & Points emphasize that OSHA cannot help you with an individual work injury claim. OHSA, the U.S. Occupational Health and Safety Administration, doesn’t have the manpower or the financial resources especially in these economically challenged times to help individual workers who’ve suffered injuries on the job.

OSHA’s purpose is basically to develop, promulgate, and enforce U.S. regulations designed to ensure nationwide compliance with minimal safety standards in the workplace. OSHA doesn’t have the budget, the money, or the manpower to perform any kind of regular, proactive workplace safety inspections.

When an unusual, high profile, or particularly serious workplace accident occurs, OSHA might go to the scene to conduct an investigation. But the agency’s purpose in this investigation is to determine if there were any new or unanticipated hazards involved in causing the accident for which they need to make additional regulations. OSHA will also fine the employer for failures to comply with its workplace safety rules if the investigation shows employer noncompliance.

The OSHA report that results from the investigation will be a general one focused on its area of overall U.S. workplace hazards and safety compliance. The report will be written to satisfy the purposes and needs of OSHA in promoting safety in the U.S. workplace. OSHA does not collect the type of specific evidence you need to prove your work injury claim.

The agency’s report might tell the employer the steps he needs to take to achieve greater workplace safety compliance and to avoid a repeat occurrence of the type of accident that injured you. But OSHA isn’t really concerned with your particular welfare after the accident has happened. The agency will not assist you in obtaining compensation for your accident injury.

You will need to rely on your own Texas City on the job injury attorney to protect your particular interests following your workplace accident. Your attorney could locate and collect the specific, concrete evidence you need to prove your injury compensation claim.

Don’t delay in hiring an attorney to help you with your claim. With every moment’s delay, evidence you need may degrade, disappear, or be destroyed. Evidence fades quickly after an accident. Witnesses leave the scene and begin to forget what they saw. And potentially liable parties might take it upon themselves to remove, destroy, or manipulate the evidence that you need to implicate them in the accident.

Get the legal skill that you need on your side as soon as possible to prove your claim. Contact the experienced Texas City on the job injury attorneys at Denena & Points right away for a free consultation to discuss your accident and potential compensation claims.