What's the advantage of having my vaginal mesh lawsuit heard in state courts? | DENENA | POINTS
  • In state court, you could join your surgeon as a defendant in the case if he contributed to your injury.
  • State juries, understanding the severity of the pain and the permanent injuries brought on by vaginal mesh implants, have been awarding plaintiffs very substantial amounts of financial compensation for their injuries.
  • Your case will likely be heard before the state court far sooner than in federal court.

The vaginal mesh manufacturers, defendants in the vaginal mesh implant injury claims, have been trying to remove state-filed cases to federal court to help improve their chances of avoiding large financial awards by juries to injured plaintiffs. For instance, a case against C.J. Bard, the manufacturer of the Avaulta vaginal mesh, was just remanded back to California state court after the company tried to move it into federal court.

 C.J. Bard had argued that the surgeon was improperly joined as a defendant in the case. Our Board Certified Pearland vaginal mesh injury attorneys emphasize that the remanding judge did not agree.

 BE HEARD. Receive just compensation for your serious vaginal mesh implant injury. Cases are being heard in the state courts right now. And statutes of limitations impose a filing deadline by which you must file your claim within a short period of time after your injury. Plaintiffs in New Jersey and California have already received multi-million dollar financial compensation awards in the first of the vaginal mesh cases to be heard at trial.

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