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  •  Jack-knifing occurs when a tractor-trailer’s trailer slews or swings away from the tractor’s intended direction of travel. The trailer most often ends up perpendicular to the original direction of travel. So limiting the angle at which a trailer can swing away from the tractor would help prevent jack-knifing.
  • Many jack-knife accidents are attributable to the truck’s brakes locking up. Anti-lock brakes can help prevent many jack-knife incidents. Anti-lock brakes are credited with greatly reducing the number of heavy truck accidents since they were first introduced several decades ago.
  • Adding a lever in the truck’s cab so that the truck driver could apply the trailer’s brakes separately to slow or stop the truck using only the trailer brakes. This would prevent many jack-knife accidents. But overuse of this device could cause the trailer brakes to overheat, and again lead to accidents. Another way to stop the truck using trailer brakes only would be to install EM (electro-magnetic) brakes on the trailer.

Truck Accident Lawyer Houston Remarks: Avoid Accidents by Safe and Defensive Driving

 Ultimately, there’s no better way to prevent accidents of any type than safe and aware driving. Truck drivers could reduce speed in wet or slippery road conditions; check and maintain their truck brakes carefully; and drive defensively.

 But all too often, truck accidents occur because passenger vehicle drivers suddenly cut in front of a big rig, forcing the driver to swerve or brake in an unsafe manner in order to try and avoid an imminent collision. Passenger vehicle drivers should drive carefully in the presence of big rigs for their own safety. In a collision between a 40-ton truck and a passenger vehicle, the passenger vehicle occupants always run higher risks of severe or fatal injury.

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