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Posted on Aug 01, 2013

On Wednesday morning shortly before 10, a water tank fell 9 stories from the top of a historic 1893 apartment building on North Pine Grove Avenue in the Lakeview neighborhood of Chicago. The crash of the tank released a destructive “tidal wave” of water and injured three people, one of them critically.

Bertha O’Campo, one of the injured, was opening the door to a day care facility in order to empty the trash when the water tank fell and released its tidal wave of water. Nearby, a man and woman were getting into their car when the heavy water tank fell onto their car, sweeping the man across the ground in the resulting rush of water. Our water tank collapse injury lawyers note that the enormous force of the water release also forced the woman up a staircase, after which she fell back down headfirst. One female victim was reportedly knocked out by the crash of the heavy water tank.

Three people were hospitalized by the bizarre water tank collapse. One victim was in critical condition. Authorities were investigating the cause of the tank’s collapse. Chicago Department of Buildings records indicate that the 1893 apartment building was cited for violations at least twice in 2010.

A news account linked the July 31, 2013 water collapse with the 8-story fatal fall of the historic structure’s builder, Bjoerne Edwards, 118 years ago into the building’s courtyard. Our water tank collapse injury lawyers mention that the historic apartment building is listed as possibly haunted at: HauntedDetective.com. (Source: Kim Vatis, NBC Chicago, 7/31/13)

Our hearts and prayers are with the injured victims of this bizarre accident. The water tank collapse injury lawyers at Denena Points, PC wish the three victims rapid and complete recoveries from their injuries.

Don’t Blame a Ghost. Negligent Maintenance is a Common Cause of Structural Collapse Accidents


Our water tank collapse injury lawyers emphasize that with any serious structural collapse accident, it’s vital to conduct a thorough investigation to determine why it happened. The materials composing the water tank or its structural supports might have begun to rot or weaken; connecting hardware might have corroded; or the tank supports or connection of the water tank to the apartment building might have been unstable or inadequate.

Official investigations might focus on discovering if the building owner had any safety violations deserving of monetary fines. To get the justice and the financial compensation they deserve, injured victims of a structural collapse accident need experienced structural collapse injury attorneys, like Tony Denena and Chad Points, who know how to investigate such accidents and gather the strong evidence they need to win their claims.

Water Tank Collapse Injury Lawyers: Always a FREE, No Obligation Initial Legal Consultation

Your ability to obtain a full financial recovery for your needless injuries from an unexpected structural collapse accident rests on accurate identification of the causes of the collapse and the liable parties behind those causes. And we can assure you with almost complete certainty that those liable parties do not include 19th century ghosts. Your recovery also depends upon the ability to effectively prove your case.

Water tank collapse injury cases are complex and require highly technical proof. You require the services of experienced and knowledgeable structural collapse injury lawyers like Tony Denena and Chad Points. Call us today at 281-369-4363 or reach us through ouronline contact form to schedule your free legal consultation. And let us put our solid track record of success and hands-on practical experience with structural collapse injury cases to work for you.

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