If I want to file a lawsuit because of my failed vaginal mesh surgery, by when do I need to file it in Galveston County, Texas? | DENENA | POINTS

The FDA issued a serious warning regarding the dangers of serious complications from vaginal mesh implants in July 2011, which could start the statute of limitations running for a related vaginal mesh products liability claim. The FDA warning instructed doctors to seek alternatives to vaginal mesh implants whenever possible and to instruct patients with pelvic organ prolapse or urinary incontinence on the risks of the implant surgeries.

 So in states that observe a two-year statute of limitations regarding such injuries, you MUST file your lawsuit by July 2013. Our Galveston vaginal mesh injury attorneys clarify that the statute of limitations sets a time limit by which you must file your case, or it will be thrown out of court as untimely. Texas observes a two-year statute of limitations for both personal injury and products liability claims. That means that you should hire your attorney and begin preparing your vaginal mesh injury claim NOW.

 Various factors could govern the date by which you MUST file your claim in order to be heard. Each case is unique, and you should consult with a Galveston vaginal mesh injury attorney to learn the particular date by which you must file your individual lawsuit. Such things as the actual date of your vaginal mesh implant surgery, the date(s) of any surgeries to remove or repair the mesh implant, or the date you first noticed that the implant was failing and/or causing you serious complications could strongly affect the crucial date by which you have to file your claim, or risk having your case thrown out.

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