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Posted on May 10, 2012

The Texas school bus accident attorneys at Denena & Points note that Texas DPS has given more details on the school bus and fire truck crash that occurred near Leona, Texas on Sunday. You may recall that the accident sent 13 people, mostly high school students, to local hospitals. The school bus had bucket seats and seat belts to provide additional safety for passengers.

Our Texas school bus accident attorneys suspect that the additional safety features might, in part, explain why the accident that destroyed the front of the bus resulted in only relatively minor injuries. Apparently, all 13 injured victims of the wreck have already been released from the hospital.

Texas DPS now says that the school bus involved in the wreck crashed into all three fire engines at the scene of the accident rather than just with the one fire truck mentioned in previous accident accounts. DPS Trooper Joel Smith mentioned that he had initially responded to a passenger truck fire caused by a transmission that caught fire.

The vehicle fire also ignited a grass fire just off of I-45. 2 of the Leona Volunteer Fire Department engines were already at the scene of the fire when a third fire truck arrived at high speed and initiated a U-turn on I-45 to reach the grass fire. A sheriff’s deputy initially tried to prevent the fire engine’s U-turn.

Reportedly Trooper Smith observed the approaching Ector ISD school bus collide with the fire truck making the U-turn, and then continue along I-45 for a moment before subsequently striking the other two Leone fire trucks.

Our Texas school bus accident attorneys are relieved to hear that the injured victims of the wreck are already recovering at home. We remain curious to learn what the accident investigators will finally determine are the contributing factors to the multi-vehicle wreck. Texas DPS mentioned that while authorities issued no traffic citations at the scene of the school bus and fire truck wreck, the investigation into the accident was still in process.

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