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The driver of a pickup truck was hospitalized in critical condition after smashing into an unlit car parked partially in the roadway at Adlong School Road in northeast Harris County. The crash occurred just after 2 a.m. on Saturday night.

The driver of the pickup truck was ejected from his vehicle by the unexpected impact, and his truck then continued on to roll over him. Our Harris County personal injury attorneys note that the pickup truck had flipped over and pinned the driver underneath. The driver received air transport to the hospital for his critical injuries. (Source: click2houston.com, 4/13/13)

The Harris County personal injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC hold the injured man in their thoughts and prayers hoping for his swift recovery.

About 75% of Vehicle Ejections in Crashes Result in Fatal Injury

The northeast Harris County accident on Adlong School Road helps reveal why this is so. It’s not always just the force of the impact on a victim no longer protected by an enclosed vehicle. In many cases, the ejected vehicle occupants also impacts with other vehicles or get trapped beneath the wreckage. In the Adlong School Road incident, the driver that negligently left the car parked in the roadway without its lights on might be primarily liable for causing the crash.

Using seatbelts can reduce the danger of vehicle ejection in the event of a crash. But sometimes defective seatbelts fail, vehicle door latches warp, and doors spring open. Victims can even be ejected from a vehicle through windows and sunroofs during rollovers. Reduce your risk of fatal vehicle ejection. Our Harris County personal injury attorneys urge you to always wear your seatbelt.

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