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Posted on Dec 26, 2011

As our Houston car accident lawyers have mentioned before, the holiday season represents the strongest concentration of drinking and driving crashes of the year. This year, despite the high profile campaigns against drinking and driving by TxDOT, the Texas DPS, MADD, and others, has been no exception.

Click2Houston reported that early on Christmas morning, Jose Meija, suspected of DWI, failed to yield the right of way on a turn at an intersection and slammed into a Houston patrol car. The police officer in the car received minor injuries from the Christmas morning crash. The police officer’s use of a seatbelt and other safety precautions provided protection against worse injuries from the reckless DWI driver.

The suspected DWI crash occurred at the intersection of Beechnut and Maplecrest in southwest Houston around 4:30 a.m. Jose Meija has already received the charge of DWI and may receive a further charge of aggravated assault of a police officer from the unfortunate Christmas morning crash.

The Houston car accident lawyers at Denena & Points were deeply disappointed to read of yet another drunk driver slamming into a patrol car and injuring another police officer. We convey our sincerest wishes for a full and rapid recovery to the injured officer. We hope the charges against Jose Meija will keep him off our streets and from injuring others for a long time to come.

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