What is the TxDOT Be Safe Be Smart campaign all about? | DENENA | POINTS

The Texas Department of Transportation’s “Be Safe. Drive Smart” campaign is a response to the huge increase in traffic accident numbers that the state has seen in its two big economic oil boom regions in recent years.

The campaign aims to remind drivers of passenger vehicles as well as of commercial trucks in the Permian Basin and the Eagle Ford Shale areas to drive carefully through the oil and gas development areas. These areas have many older, narrow, two-lane rural highways that carry extensive amounts of commercial truck traffic as well as local passenger vehicle traffic. Our Eagle Ford Shale truck accident attorneys mention that the respective sizes of the areas are 58 counties and 23 counties. The “Be Safe. Drive Smart” campaign urges drivers to:

  •  Always drive at safe speeds;
  • Wear seatbelts;
  • Pass other vehicles carefully;
  • Always stop at red lights and stop signs. (The fatal risk you take by not stopping is so high that we have written extensive posts on red light running. At least every week we see a particularly tragic, fatal accident due to someone running a red light or stop sign.);
  • Don’t text or use cell phones while driving. Our Eagle Ford Shale truck accident attorneys point out that you should always try to avoid all driver distractions. Even a second’s lapse of attention on the highway can be (and often is) fatal.

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