Two-Truck Highway Wreck Slices Big Rig in Half Near Houston: Illegal U-Turn | DENENA | POINTS

Posted on Aug 09, 2011

On July 26, 2011, a log truck sliced another 18-wheeler in half on Highway 242 near Houston, TX. The halved truck, driven by Victor Jimenez of El Paso, was originally heading eastbound on Highway 242. Mr. Jimenez said he realized he was going the wrong way and that his company had given him the wrong directions. He said he pulled over to get new directions and then decided to make a U-turn in the highway and head westbound.

As he made his U-turn, an oncoming log truck sliced his big rig in half, sending the trailer halves and cargo spilling across the highway. Mr. Jimenez was unhurt, but the driver of the log truck received leg injuries caused by the truck engine entering the cab during the collision. The company that owns the log truck estimates approximately $65,000 to $70,000 in damages. Mr. Jimenez was uncertain of the amount of the damages to his truck. He received a traffic citation for making an unsafe U-turn, a Class C Misdemeanor.

The news photo of the incident shows a rather narrow highway. Making a U-turn in the middle of Highway 242 there looks like it would be hazardous for a compact passenger car, let alone a giant big rig. So we are both surprised and greatly relieved that no serious injuries resulted from thishighway truck wreck.

Our personal injury attorneys of The Woodlands, TX would like to caution other drivers to think twice before making unsafe U-turns at random points on the highways. Highway traffic moves quickly. Just because you don’t see anyone coming when you start to make your turn, doesn’t mean that there isn’t someone fast approaching. And that other driver may not have time to react to your ill-advised U-turn. All drivers should check their directions before setting out on the roads. And if they need to change their plans, they should make their changes at points that won’t present other drivers with unexpected hazards.

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