How Much Will the Truck Liability Insurance Pay for the Falling Cargo Accident that Injured Me and Ruined My Car on the Katy Freeway? | DENENA | POINTS

That depends. Both state and federal laws require truckers and trucking companies to carry truck liability insurance to cover the severe damage to people and their property that a truck accident might cause. There are required minimum truck liability insurance coverage amounts. The minimums will almost certainly cover the damage to your car.

But truck accidents can cause severe injuries resulting in life-long disabilities and ongoing medical care that may run into the millions of dollars. The truck liability insurance policy limits may not extend to covering the full cost of your injuries from the Katy Freeway truck accident.

Like you when you sign up for your auto insurance, the trucker can similarly choose his coverage amounts. Many may choose to carry only the minimum required truck liability insurance coverage. And the truckers may choose not to carry “extra” types of coverage. Truckers have the choice of a number of “extra” types of coverage, including those listed below, for which they may not choose to pay.

Non-trucking liability insurance.

Uninsured motorist coverage (in case an uninsured driver wrecks the truck).

Physical damage coverage for the truck.

Medical payments insurance (pays medical bills for injured truckers and their passengers).

Motor truck cargo insurance (covers damage to the cargo a truck’s carrying).
But even if the trucker involved in the wreck that injured you on the Katy Freeway only carries the required minimum, you may still have a chance to recover in full for your losses. Other people besides the trucker may be at fault in the wreck. And you could make accident claims against them too.

The difficulty exists in determining all the “behind the scenes” parties who might be at fault for the wreck. Often only a Houston, TX truck accident attorney with extensive experience investigating and pursuing complex truck accident claims would be able to help you get the full compensation you need to pay for your injuries from the Katy Freeway truck accident.

If you have questions about your truck accident and you want to know who’s liable and if their insurance will pay for your losses, give us a call. Your initial legal consultation is free. We could answer urgent questions you have about the particular circumstances of your accident, and help you understand your legal options for pursuing just compensation.

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