How much does maintenance and cure cover for my shipboard injuries? | DENENA | POINTS

Maintenance and cure benefits are well-settled, age-old duties owed to ill or injured seamen by their employers. The employer must give the injured seaman these maintenance and cure benefits beginning immediately upon the injury or illness. It does not matter who was at fault or what caused the injury.

 Our Houston Jones Act lawyers emphasize that if the injury or illness is due to a pre-existing condition that the seaman did not tell the employer about prior to being hired, the employer might NOT have to pay maintenance and cure benefits. So it is important to be truthful about pre-existing conditions when applying for work as a seaman.

 Maintenance is basically a stipend to cover the living expenses (room and board) equivalent to what the seaman would have received while working aboard the vessel. Maintenance can be as little as $30 per day or even less.

 Cure covers the seaman’s medical expenses and future medical care needed because of the illness or injury, as well as physical or rehabilitative therapies, medications, and other medical costs related to the injury or illness.

 The Seaman might be eligible for Other Damages in Some Cases

 Our Houston Jones Act lawyers note that in some cases, the ill or injured seaman could also be eligible for monetary damages under the Jones Act if the employer’s negligence caused the medical condition. For instance, if the seaman faced unsafe working conditions or hazards in his job, he could file a lawsuit for financial damages under the Jones Act alleging that the vessel was “unseaworthy.”

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