How likely am I to win my personal injury car accident lawsuit? | DENENA | POINTS

The U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics says that there are almost 30,000 civil lawsuits tried in U.S. courts in each year. Our Galveston personal injury attorneys note that only 3% to 4% of all civil claims filed actually go to court, so you can see that a huge number of these personal injury and wrongful death tort claims are settled out of court.

 What might surprise you is that more than half of the tort trials that actually go through the courts are related to car accidents. Another about 15% relate to medical malpractice of some sort, and around 5% involve products liability like defective medical devices. The Galveston personal injury attorneys at Denena Points, PC remark that the current wave of lawsuits involving transvaginal mesh implant injuries fall into that category.

 In these tort trials, judges reportedly were slightly more favorable to the injured claimants, awarding them victory about 56% of the time, while juries only ruled in their favor 51% of the time (in both instances though, that is more than half in favor of the injured). In car accident cases, the injured victims tended to win about 61% of the time. Premises liability cases favored victims about 39%, products liability 38%, and medical malpractice 19%.

 In car accident cases, victims won an average of $16,000. $90,000 was the average for premises liability. Slightly under $700,000 was average for medical malpractice. And about $750,000 was average for products liability.

 But our Galveston personal injury attorneys emphasize that your monetary damages award is also very heavily dependant upon the skill and knowledge of your attorney. Many people hire attorneys with little or no experience with their type of case.

 You would benefit from hiring an attorney Board Certified in your area of legal need. The attorneys at Denena Points, PC are Texas Board Certified in Personal Injury law, which includes wrongful death cases. And our superior legal education and experience gives us an edge when we represent clients. For example, our Galveston personal injury attorneys recently helped win an award of over $2 million for the family of a man killed on a roller coaster. Read our case results and testimonials to learn more about our strong track record of client success.

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