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What would you do if your loved one caught fire during a surgery that was supposed to help or even save a life? If the medical product intended to help heal your loved one actually brought about grievous harm?

Our Galveston medical device injury lawyers know that it is an unfortunate truth that manufacturers of medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and other medical products make mistakes and products reach the market containing dangerous, even deadly, defects. And until healthcare professionals and victims of the defective products begin to notice the issue, the product remains on the market. By the time it gets recalled, many thousands of people might be at risk from using the medical product.

The U.S. FDA has announced that a dangerous defect in a hemostatic bone putty caused Johnson & Johnson’s Synthes unit to recall certain lots of its bone putty. This recall constitutes a Class I recall, the highest level issued under FDA auspices. A Class I recall results when the medical product defect could cause serious or fatal injury.

The Johnson & Johnson Synthes unit recall results because these lots of hemostatic bone putty contain a manufacturing defect that could lead the putty to catch fire during surgery under some conditions. The hemostatic bone putty is generally applied to create a physical barrier along the edges of a victim’s bones and stop bone bleeding when those bones have been cut during surgery or damaged by trauma.

You might wonder what is the consequence of using the defective bone putty. Our Galveston medical device injury lawyers point out that the recalled Johnson & Johnson Synthes bone putty could ignite during surgery if it comes into contact with certain surgical equipment.

The lots of putty affected by the recall were manufactured from July 6, 2011 through December 4, 2011 and distributed from December 22, 2011 to June 25, 2012. The company has issued a medical device recall letter requesting that medical facilities review their inventories and stop using any recalled lots of the hemostatic bone putty immediately.

Johnson & Johnson only completed its almost $20 million purchase of medical device manufacturer Synthes in June. But Johnson & Johnson has been facing a host of recalls and problems related to manufacturing defects since well before June. For example, months ago the company pulled many of its over-the-counter medications, including children’s Tylenol, from the shelves in a high profile attempt to address problems found with its medical products. Widespread recalls of some of the company’s defective hip replacement implants and contact lenses have also been featured in the news.

Our Galveston medical device injury lawyers realize that it will be important for Johnson & Johnson to continue to try and remedy its manufacturing problems relating to its medical devices and other products. In the meantime, you and your loved ones should take care when contemplating surgery or the use of any medical device or product. You might keep abreast of current recalls on the U.S. FDA and U.S. CPSC websites.

If you face injury or loss caused by a defective medical device or other harmful medical product, the Galveston medical device injury lawyers at Denena & Points could provide you with a free initial legal consultation to discuss your problem and help you find effective solutions. Guiding you to a full financial recovery for the needless injury you have suffered is our goal. Call us toll free or use our online contact forms to schedule your free case evaluation consultation.

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