I'm 20 with a valid TX license, why should I wear a motorcycle helmet? | DENENA | POINTS

Under Texas law, you need to wear a motorcycle helmet if you’re on a motorcycle until you turn 21. And even after 21, you need to have taken a rider safety course and have insurance in order to be eligible to ride without a helmet.

 Our Highway 6 motorcycle accident attorneys point out that government safety officials estimate that motorcycle helmets save about 1,800 lives annually. Riders without helmets die and suffer severe injury in accidents at a much higher rate than those who do wear helmets.

 Highway 6 Motorcycle Accident Leads to Tragedy for Rider not Wearing a Helmet

 As an example, a rider who was not wearing a helmet lost control of his motorcycle on Saturday night on Highway 6 by Westheimer. His motorcycle reportedly jumped a curb and then flipped over. The rider’s head impacted heavily with the concrete during the tragic wreck. LifeFlight transported him to the hospital, where he died on Sunday. It’s possible he might have survived the tragic wreck had he worn a helmet. (Source: KTRK abc13.com, 2/24/13)

 Don’t become the next tragedy. Always wear your helmet when you ride.

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